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Come To Me All Who Are Weary

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In a world that is full of criticism, cynicism, doubt and unbelief, anger, trauma, pain, and bottom line-fear, it can be difficult to live life to the fullest with great expectancy of good things.

How many times do you hear ‘all you’re good for is __________’, ‘you can’t do that’, ‘you’re too emotional’, ‘you don’t know what you’re talking about’, ‘you’re ugly, flat, too fat, too skinny’, ‘whore’, ‘you’re just dreaming’, ‘trash’, ‘you should try to be more like _______’, ‘you’re not smart enough’, ‘it won’t work’, ‘stupid’, ‘airhead’, ‘pig’, ‘idiot’, ‘jerk’, ‘you won’t amount to anything in life’, ‘What? are you nuts?’, ‘I’m going to whip that look off your face’, ‘If you tell, I’m gonna make you regret it for the rest of your life’, or if you tell I’m going to kill________’,

God will NEVER forgive you’. ‘you’ll never measure up’, ‘just quit already’, 

before you just plain give up, cuz your tired of that voice.

It doesn’t take very long to stop trying or dreaming 

 if you believe other people’s opinions and feel trapped.

I know, I lived in this oppressive swirl for years till I just gave up on trying to live from my heart.

It was too painful.

I learned that my heart didn’t matter! What does my heart have to do with anything anyways….right?

Wouldn’t it be great to get wind of a different view-point of you, your likes, dislikes, your dreams, what you imagine?

A view-point that said you are valuable, loved, not what others say you are,

genius prone, brilliant, your feelings matter,

your heart matters, you were not created to be abused or used,

you can do anything you put your mind to,

God is not mad at you or disappointed in you,  you are forgivable and forgiven already. 

God likes you and even enjoys you, and you don’t have to look like, sound like, be like any other person but you!

AND that you have a lot to offer someone or even multitudes!!!

Would that make a difference? Or remove the pressure off your back? (It did mine)

YOUR unique dreams are connected to your heart and they do matter and they do have purpose, tailor-made for you. 

Your existence is MORE than you could ever imagine!!!

You were created for GREATNESS!

You were created for LOVE! 

There is an open doorway before you, an invitation to leave behind the familiar 

to enter into a New Reality.  It will take courage to believe that something you’ve believed all your life

could be short of the truth. You will hear thoughts that say this is _______ but don’t listen to those lies

TAKE a risk and continue to move forward towards the FULLNESS OF YOUR LIBERTY

More In A Couple Days :)

Don’t Give Up

You might be feeling tired and weary with nothing but sleep on your mind. It’s ok you got another day!
It’s ok to take a break, strengthen yourself with a good days rest.

Today I slept for hours this afternoon, because tonight I need to give someone my best.

Being a caregiver can drain one! And it’s ok to rest….just don’t give up.


I’m still in bed and it’s 2:19pm. It’s not that I’m tired really, well (i just yawned), maybe just a bit. Here is my room alone with my thoughts I lean into love as I muse deep within. All of a sudden i realize I’m not alone. I smell a familiar scent that is sulfur and thick. This presence comes in and goes out like it’s checking on me to see what I’m about…..to do. You see yesterday I took my mom to her follow appt. to find out results on the bump taken out of her back. It results came back carcinoma (little c-cuz i have no respect for that name). Pancreatic origins it is, and later next week we will scan to find the extent of it’s spread. My mom said she somehow new it would turn out to be a cancerous object layed just beneath her skin. When I moved across the states to help mom at her place, I felt a deep ache that sent shock waves throughout my frame. It’s a season to serve and be beside my best friend. I took care of my father when he was dying of lung cancer. It was bittersweet because we never bonded the way i did with my mother. So now I’m here with my mother as she finds it harder to breath with lung disease! Getting older is not always fun, when the injustice of sickness takes root in a loved one. That smell that comes into my room now and them reminds me that this is from hell not from heaven. Tho this curse was broken at the cross of my Lover, this entity continues to inflict my mother. My heels are digging into the ground in more persuasion on The Cross in this hour! That smell that mocks the power of it’s creator doesn’t seem to realize it’s demise and it’s loss of authority. It lost ALL it’s rights as it’s a criminal in flight. How dare it come to inflict more harm! Instead of me getting angry or pitifully doubting, I will lean into The Empty Tomb while holding The Keys To It’s Doom. I will stare at it’s mocking face with a smile on my glorious face striking fear deep with the devils snide grin. He has no authority tho great power he does weld, he will bow to his knees, for I am it’s master. HA!!! My mom is not victim to this ploy of distruction, for God in His wisdom made a way for her provision. I will arise now and leave my room, for in these hours my soul got injected with power! Ohhh the blood of Jesus not only washes away every sin, it also healed every sickness. THAT is what I cling to. PERFECT LOVE CASTS OUT ALL FEAR.